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Dans le respect de la législation actuelle, CrossFit Versailles a rouvert ses portes le 9 juin et respecte un protocole sanitaire strict. Le Pass Sanitaire est également nécessaire pour accéder à la box.



In line with the current de-confining measures in France linked to the COVID-19 health crisis, we have put in place temporary measures, until further notice, in order to ensure the safety of our members. Please wear face covering when visiting the box and we invite you to get familiar with the rest of the measures.


What is CrossFit®?

CrossFit® is an ethos of physical conditionning of the cross-training type, mainly combining athletic strength, weightlifting, gymnastic and cardio.

Through CrossFit® you will also discover a great community and the people training alongside you will soon become your friends.

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About our box
We have chosen our equipment amongst the top professional brands:
Weightlifting gear from Rogue Fitness®
​6 Concept 2 rowers, 3 Assault Bikes, 1 Ski Erg et 1 Assault Air Runner
- Kettlebells from 8 to 32kgs, dumbells from 5 to 32.5kgs, climbing rope, a pegboard...
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The team

Pierre Duplaix


- Certified CrossFit Trainer (Level 3)

- CrossFit Master

-CrossFit Kids

- Kettlebell Rx 1.0


- Mention A (Group Classes)

- Mention B (Muscu/Weightlifting)

Arnaud Braille


- CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

- Gymnastic Course Trainer

- CrossFit Kids


- Mention B (Muscu/Weightlifting)


Itinerary :

Adress :

34 rue Edouard Charton

78000 Versailles

Phone :

06 03 00 88 43

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